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Our luxurious 100% Cashmere Pashminas are the real deal because the feel is so soft to the touch. A beautiful signature piece, especially for those who cannot wear wool to the skin because it feels scratchy, will just adore this.

Designed and crafted exclusively from the finest cashmere yarn, we have a heavenly collection of the softest cashmere pashminas in a kaleidoscope of hues that fits and flatters for any occasion. A pashmina is a timeless way to accessorise and can be worn so many ways. Cashmere wool is a luxury that will never go out of style.

Complement your look with an everyday investment piece from any number of our styles in our Collections or pair with any look you may have in your wardrobe, that will not only keep you cosy, but makes a bold fashion statement that punctuates luxury and will certainly catch compliments.

  • Style – Unlined with fur pom-pom edging
  • Dimensions - 200cm width x 70cm height
  • Composition – 100% pure cashmere
  • Care – Dry clean only
NOTE: Due to different lighting conditions & varying resolutions on clientele computer screens & mobile phones, the colour in fashion images depicting location photography, may vary slightly.
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HENLEY COLLECTIONS is the creation of Owner and Designer Di Henley-Smith.Di’s inspiration, and the reason she created her label, was out of tragedy with the loss of her closest and dearest love, her Mother, but the collateral beauty she took from this was to create a legacy for her Mother, to promote the desire and belief to dream, to have a life full of colour, in all genres. She wanted her Collections to be affordable to all women, no matter what their demographic, to share the love her Mother instilled in her, the love of being a woman, the love she always shared so seamlessly to all she encountered in her life, be it in the realm of work or personal life, or even the stranger in the street.Di takes all the lessons learnt from her Mother, with a true belief that every woman deserves to look fabulous and exude confidence, to feel empowered, to feel good, inside and out, ages and sizes to truly embrace who they are.Designed by Di, on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Henley Collections reflects a relaxed carefree lifestyle, with always the element of luxury. Gorgeous, soft floating fabrics, paired with versatile accessories, complement any season or event.